Dro Carey Is Playing Boiler Room This Month – Schedule The Stream Now

Sydney-siders might be in knee-deep shit with the current lockout laws, but it doesn’t mean the city has stopped producing some of the country’s most progressive dance music. And Boiler Room, the global tastemaker organisation that live streams only the best electronic producer’s sets right to your screen, knows what’s good and knows how to get it to you.

This month, Sydney producer Dro Carey, is providing the beats for Australia’s next installment of the coveted Boiler Room, which will be streamed live to your screen/home/party. So regardless of ridiculous lockout laws or location, you get to hear it.

Carey‘s friends Cassius Select, Cop Envy, and Moriarty will be in support, also providing the dance tunes. In addition, the set will serve as a glimpse of what to expect from Carey’s upcoming debut EP, Dark Zoo, out May 20.

For the ultimate home party, tune in here on Tuesday May 24 from 8pm – 11:30pm.

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