DMA’S Announce Huge Aus Tour

For a band that spent majority of 2015 OS gigging hard (they spent more time on the road than they did in their home town of Sydney), it’s pretty, pretty good news to hear that DMA’S will be home again, even if it is just a bit of a roady through Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

In a recent interview with Johnny Took (guitar) and Matt Mason (guitar/vocals) for, it was obvious how much the pair enjoyed touring, even as a band that only formed just over two years ago.

“Extensive touring is quite new to us and finding the time to be inspired after being in the car for six hours is pretty hard,” says Took.

“So it’s taken a bit of time to learn how to write on the road which we’re just trying to get our heads around but we’re pretty keen to get back overseas and start touring the new album.”

The Hills End album tour will kick off in late May with tickets on sale now!

Stay tuned for the full interview with DMA’S next week and the album drop of Hills End Feb 26 via I Oh You.

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