Digitalism Drop New Tracks & Announce Third Album

“First of all it’s probably a snapshot of our thoughts, like a brain scan,” says Jens Moelle of Digitalism.

Many of us have come to question whether the members, Jens Moelle and İsmail Tüfekçi, of German electronic-indie duo Digitalism are still alive. However, this week, Digitalism decided to drop a few brand new tracks from their upcoming album, Mirage, so the third album does exist. It’s been five years since the DJ masterminds released I Love You, Dude, but their new album promises an album spanning euphoric radio-friendly electronic pop and guttural dancefloor bangers with equal aplomb.

Mirage sees Digitalism return in their most complete and coherent incarnation yet – you only have to listen to the released tracks to understand the diversity and strength these musicians have. Dashes of disco, French touch, progressive rock, rave and hip-hop are thrown into an eclectic sound palette that colours the album, that somehow seem to work so perfectly in unison. ‘Battlecry’ oozes a full-power electro-indie sound, whilst the euphoric melancholy of ‘Utopia’ exhibits the duo to its fullest potential.

Most popular music acts are not new to the deprivation and heavy travelling schedule, which fuelled the inspiration for Digitalism to produce Mirage – both having had an extensive touring schedule taking them all over the globe, as well as each juggling residencies in London and Germany.

Mirage will be available on Friday 13 May 2016. From the nightclubs of Germany to your headphones, have a listen to ‘Utopia’ above.


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