Dave Grohl: The People’s Defender

Dave Grohl is now penning personal letters on your behalf, because that’s the kind of dude he is.

Marriage proposal? Sure can.

A letter to NSW Premier Mike Baird? F-yeah he will.

Doctor’s certificate? Maybe.

An angry Zomato review. Probably not, he’s far too nice.

A personal letter to your local city council explaining that the outrageous noise restriction placed on your garage punk rock 4-piece has completely destroyed your jam sessions and will greatly stunt your growth as a the next “buzz band” and affect your contribution to the city’s live music scene and cultural tapestry. He will 100% do this.

When Black Leaves of Envy, a teenage heavy metal band from Cornwall, UK, hit-up Fooies‘ frontman Dave Grohl to help them overturn a ridiculous council decision to ban the bunch of m8s from practising in their family garage, the super-nice-guy, proud-father, professional-stage-diver and broken-legged-guitarist, Dave Grohl, absolutely hit them back. Not just responding with an ‘Ooof that blows. Chin-up. Rock-on!’ Nope. Grohl personally penned a letter to Cornwall Council, sounding like a level-headed lord whilst casually dropping that he’s sold over 100 million records. So he knows a thing or two about noise.

The band were limited to 30 – 40 decibels, a sound similar to the gentle rhythm of fridge or the average bird call. Google tells us it’s the “lowest limit of urban ambient sound”. It’s significantly lower than the decibels of a hairdryer, a NutriBullet or a screaming baby. And to add insult to injury, the band only have one immediate neighbour in Praa Sands, Cornwall who denied ever making a complaint. The next nearest neighbour lives a field away. How’s that for urban.

Grohl has now, even setup a campaign to provide all young musicians with a communal practice space with tips on sound proofing! Check out the powerful message below. You should probably get your requests in soon before the nicest guy in rock regrets ever putting pen to paper.

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