D.D Dumbo Drops Absolutely Incredible New Track and Video

Similar to discovering a neglected swimming pool in the middle of north-west Victoria’s salt plains, we’ve found D.D Dumbo, rising from the smokey abyss of an empty concrete bowl to deliver brand new music, one contrived step at a time.

D.D Dumbo is the musical alias of Oliver Hugh Perry and today, he’s shared ‘Satan’, the first taste of new music in two very long years.

‘Satan’ is a truly epic track. It’s wildly imaginative and gorgeously executed. It’s intricately layered with the lightest of percussion which is swiftly followed by a powerful orchestra of brass and vocals. The track is insanely huge, and the varsity has been perfectly complemented by director Jim Elson’s captivating video.

The clip was filmed around D.D Dumbo’s hometown of Castlemaine, the salt plains of north-west Victoria, and a derelict swimming pool in a tiny town near the Grampian Ranges.

“We were looking for locations that were iconically Australian but that also had a strong otherworldly quality. I think it’s easy to take these environments for granted when you grow up there, so it was an exciting process to ‘discover’ them again in a different way,” says Elson.

D.D has also announced a fresh string of east coast shows. ‘Satan’ tour will hit up Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this Jul/Aug. Welcome to the Liberation family, huge vibes for the next step, we’re right behind you.

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