Introducing AURORA

It’s not everyday you stumble across a new artist that’s so profound and so intriguing that you think, what the shit did I just see? And why can’t I get that song out of my head?

Introducing Aurora, the 19-year-old Norwegian singer/songwriter that has just released her debut full-length, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend and it’s about time you got some answers.

She’s erratic, somewhat manic, extremely artistic and conceptually brilliant. Her sound is full of anthemic synths, driving vocals and melancholic lyrics delivered in an upbeat pulse.

This week, Aurora caught the attention of late night show host Jimmy Fallon and made her US TV debut on The Tonight Show. Her performance of ‘Conqueror‘, the first single to be lifted from her album, is a percussive tale overflowing with emotional turmoil yet it’s one of her favourite songs to perform live. Take a look below and try not to dance.

It was also just announced that her debut record will be the feature album on triple j all next week, so you can try and avoid it, but really, you won’t want to.


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