Why Is Comedian Ash Williams Giving Free Rides?

Last week, Aussie funny guy Ash William launched a genius new money making initiative, by offering “Free Lifts” on a Friday. He’s even suggested he’ll drive passengers to his own stand-up shows ‘I’ve Done Some Bad Things‘. We’re not one’s to shy away from a ridiculously flawless and fool-proof business plan, so we’ve asked the age ol’ question.. WTF dude?

 As a driver, what rating would you give to yourself ?
5 out of 5. Because I take you anywhere you want for FREE. I also provide mints and chewing gum, for FREE. It’s a fun time.

 Would you consider creating your own car karaoke?
I’ve seen it done a lot before, so I would look to do something different.

 What’s your karaoke go-to?
Crazy Frog

Any suburbs/areas you won’t go to?
Nope. I’m not a lawyer, but legally I think I’ve got to take passengers anywhere they want.

Would you consider delving into a food delivery service?
Absolutely. I’m always looking to expand the business. And one day, franchise.

What’s the greatest experience you’ve had when catching delivery services?
Greatest: I became really good mates with My uber driver. We exchanged numbers and now text regularly. Cool guy.

Worst: An uber driver did a really bad fart. I still gave him 5 stars though.

 You’ve done some bad things, is this one of them?
Nah, I’m only giving Free Lifts to make money. 

Would you consider driving people to and from your show ‘I’ve Done Some Bad Things’?
For sure! If you would like a FREE ride to My comedy show, just let Me know. My Instagram is @ashwilliams1

Ash Williams has a string of shows coming up at The Butterfly Club this August. Find tickets here.

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