Amy Shark Is Swinging Punches In Her New Pop Anthem

Amy Shark‘s year thus far has been nothing short of impressive, kicking off with what looks to be another run in the Hottest 100 and hitting the podium to receive ‘Pop Work of the Year’ at the APRA Music Awards this week. Today, she’s also announced her v anticipated debut album with I Said Hi and securing a slot at Splendour in the Grass.

Fresh from making an impression after last years ARIA-winning The Night Thinker EP, she calls this one Love Monster. The new single delves deep into the emotions of a determined artist fighting for her dream of being a singer/songwriter. Whilst most would love to follow her footsteps, Amy opens up to the world projecting “I Said Hi” as a lyrical confession to what has been a rough road of ups and downs refusing to give up.

As she reflects on parts of her journey the track speaks the kind truth, delivers genuine lyrics and doesn’t hold back. She is fearless and ready to tell her story, “ And I bet the whole world thought I would give up today lying on my side, watching time fly by”. “If you’re a struggling musician watching at home – keep at it” she encourages.

“It’s like my diary has opened up”, shes challenging the universe and empowered struggling artists. Big vibes for this debut record, which sounds like it’s going to be pop perfection with a punch.

Love Monster is out Friday, 13 July and is available for pre-order now.

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