Alex Williamson And The Synergy Between Comedy And Music

Alex Williamson, the Aussie bogan, that guy you’ve seen on YouTube, the funny man you saw at Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival, is back touring the country from August to December, and he’s found a happy marriage between music and comedy.

Would you consider becoming a rap artist over being a comedian? Or are you happy for them to coexist?
Well I’ve never been too concerned with having heaps of bitches, cars, and money, so it might even be illegal for me to be a rapper? Then again, I do love to swear and smoke truckloads of weed. But yes, unlike my parents, I feel my comedy and music will be a happy marriage.

What defines a ‘sick’ song?
Typically, if your dad hates it when you turn it up; you’re dealing with what notable historians refer to as a ‘fully sick beat’. They have pumping bass, so loud you become concussed during the big drop, like at the start of Saving Private Ryan where a shell lands near Tom Hanks and he scans the beach in a blur of white noise. Perhaps I see a fellow festival-goer retrieving their arm off the ground, which has been severed by the immense bass.

What band’s/music do you listen to?
I love folk-rock, City & Colour, War on Drugs, Kurt Vile. Also Sticky Fingers, Violent Soho and Flume are a couple of Aussie acts that have got it so very right.

What’s the hardest thing about being so famous?
I might be somewhat famous, but I don’t have any money, so I know nothing of what it’s like to dodge eager crowds and cameras whilst mingling at a Crown Casino function. My main concern is being seen by my fans picking up cigarette butts outside Dan Murphy’s.

What’s in an Alex Williamson starter pack?
Well if I had a showbag at the Royal Bendigo Show, it’d have my two Uni degrees I’ll never use (especially teaching), the pill I found near main stage at Falls 2012, a voucher for 25% off tinder plus subscription and maybe throw a couple redskins in for the kiddies.

What’s the greatest thing about being an Aussie bogan?
Well it looks to be a fairly carefree lifestyle. Doesn’t matter if the front lawn is overgrown, or if little Darrylene drinks the liquids beneath the kitchen sink, they never seem too fazed (unless maybe Collingwood lose or someone drinks Gary’s last Melbourne Bitter).

You can catch Alex Williamson’s ‘Open Up‘ show on the road from August to December.

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