Alex Lloyd to Release Greatest Hits Acoustically

Australian singer/songwriter Alex Loyd will return to the airwaves with an album similar to a ‘best of’, but not as you know it.

Acoustica is a brilliant re-interpretation of Lloyd’s greatest songs released over the last 15 years. The album revisits and reworks a collection of classics including ‘Amazing’, ‘Black the Sun’ and a spine-tingling version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.

‘Coming Home’ is the first tune to be released from the album – check it out above – and it coincides with an exclusive opening slot and a series of East Coast shows in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne supporting Aussie rock legends Icehouse.

You can find all tour info and ticketing details here.

Acoustica will drop May 5.

The Acoustica tracklisting:

  1. ‘Amazing’
  2. ‘Easy Exit Station’
  3. ‘Better the Less You Know’
  4. ‘Green’
  5. ‘Coming Home’
  6. ‘Good Thing’
  7. ‘Hallelujah’
  8. ‘Beautiful’
  9. ‘Brand New Day
  10. ‘Black the Sun’
  11. ‘Never Meant To Fail’
  12. ‘Everybody’s Laughing’

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